One to one Individual workshop


One to one individual workshop

Unlock the secrets of captivating portraiture, boudoir and beauty, glamour, maternity or children artistic portraits in a day-long immersive experience tailored just for you. My intensive workshop is designed to elevate your skills in posing, lighting, styling and editing.

The training can take place in my studio Barton Latimer, Northamptonshire or If you prefer to have me in your studio and learn in your own environment you need to cover my travel and in some cases accommodation if it’s overnight stay.

You can choose the topic which you would like to learn more and just let me know:

  1. Portraiture:  From framing and composition to capturing emotion and personality. Learn how to connect with your subjects learn little tricks to create images that have wow factor. I will guide you through both the technical and artistic aspects of creating beautiful portraits.
  2. Boudoir and Beauty Photography: Explore the art of intimate and sensual photography in a tasteful and empowering manner. Discover natural and simple studio lighting techniques, posing , and communication skills that bring out the beauty and confidence in your subjects.
  3. Maternity: Maternity photography requires a delicate touch and a keen eye. Uncover the secrets to creating breathtaking maternity shots with me.
  4. Children Creative Portraits: Uncover the secrets to capturing the creative portraits of children. From choosing the right settings, styling to posing young subjects,  I will share my knowledge in creating extraordinary portraits of young people.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your photography skills and create stunning images in the genres of portraiture, boudoir, maternity and children photography. Secure your spot today and embark on a transformative photographic adventure

This workshop will:

  • help you to build your portfolio with high key and low key Beauty and boudoir portraits
  • teach you how to get good base from raw file to create something unique
  • teach you different beauty and boudoir styling to let woman feel relaxed and beautiful
  • teach you how to pose
  • teach how to work with simple studio and ambient light.
  • teach you how to edit high key and low key portraits

Cost of the workshop is £1000 per person.

Address of the studio:

26 High Street
Burton Latimer
NN15 5LB


Plan of the day:

10:00 start
10:00 coffee time and presentation
10:00 model makeup preparation.
11:00 styling and photo session. I will be shooting mostly with 24-70 lens if you have 35mm,50mm you can easily use in the studio.
15:00 lunch
16:00 editing time
18:00 Finish time

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form the agreement between you and Magdalena Sienicka Photographer
By booking this workshop you sign into this agreement.
Participants has to pay a 50% deposit for this workshop to book the place or full amount if choose. The next 50% needs to be paid the latest 4 weeks before the workshop. If booking taking place later than 4 weeks prior participant needs to pay full price of the workshop.
This price is non refundable but the place can be transferred to other attendee If you are not able to attend the workshop.
In the unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled, you will be notify as soon as possible to find another suitable date. Please note that any travel or accommodation costs are not included in the price.
Attendees are not permitted to use images taken at the workshop for commercial purposes. Image usage is strictly portfolio use only (website and online). Social media usage is allowed but only to showcase your portfolio. Images must not be submitted to magazines, exhibitions or competitions without permission. Images must not be used to advertise photo shoots, workshops or products.
You agree that you may be subject to legal liability if you use any images commercially.
Attendees must agree that all the informations learned at this workshop are strictly for personal use.
Workshops are not available for people who teach or are intend to teach photography.
Participants taking part in the workshop declare that they will not disclose or sell informations learnt and they will not conduct their own trainings / workshops with this same subject for a period of a year ( 24 months) from the date of the workshop.
Workshop is not available for photographers having their business in a radius of 50 miles from Kettering.
Attendees must credit ‘Magdalena Sienicka Photographer’ when posting images on social media.
Attendees must not film or record the workshop at any time without permission.
Magdalena Sienicka Photographer is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property arising from incidents occurring at the workshop venue.



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